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Roman Tactical Shove Knife

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Roman Tactical Shove Knife

Designed to defeat latch-type interior doors with little or no damage on the lock and frame. This thin, flexible blade can be used when the door opens towards or away from you. May not work on all doors. Made in the USA.    

How to use:

Inward opening door:  Slide the front of blade between the door and the frame and push to retract the latch.

Outward opening door:  Place the hook part of the blade behind the latch and pulled to retract the latch.

Color: Black

Dimension: 6″L x 1″W


This item is restricted to military and public safety personnel only. It is intended to assist personnel in forced entry operations. The use of this tool shall be in accordance with one’s agency policy as well as state and federal laws. Failure to comply can result in criminal and civil liability. Roman Tactical will not be held liable for the improper or illegal use of this tool.



The  Shove Knife is intended to be used in tactical situations where personal injury is an inherit risk. The operator takes full responsibility if injured, causes injury to others or for property damage caused by the use of the Shove Knife. If there is any doubt or confusion on how to operate or the functional limitations of the Shove Knife, contact Roman Tactical and instructions will be provided.