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About Us

Roman Tactical takes great pride in the products we offer. Every product is tested and evaluated to make sure it meets the standards of the professionals we serve. The owner of Roman Tactical is a firearms, tactics and breaching instructor for a large Southern California police department. With over 20 years of military and police experience, he has taken this experience to put together a collection of products that are practical for daily field operations.

Consulting and Training

Roman Tactical also offers training and consulting services for a wide variety of tactical applications. If you need anything from product evaluation to tactical training, we can assist you with your project. Contact us at sales@romantactical.com for detailed information.


About the Owner

The owner of Roman Tactical is patrol sergeant for a large Southern California police department with POST tactical and firearms instructor certifications. He also served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 10 years with three deployments to Iraq. As part of an airborne scout observation team, he operated with U.S. and foreign infantry units as well as the Navy SEALs, Army Special Forces, and Blackwater. His last billet was training Marines new to the unit in the area communications, forward observation, forward air control and tactical shooting. Currenly he serves in the US Army Reserves as a Special Agent with Criminal Investigation Division.

He is a certified instructor in the following fields; tactics, use of force, handgun, shotgun, rifle, beanbag shotgun, breaching/ forcible entry, ballistic shield, TASER and Simunitions.


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